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Estate auctions in Toronto often generate significant revenue. The sales that garner the best results are those where the estate trustee partners with a professional contents sales firm. These firms have the knowledge, experience, and structure in place that can maximize profits. If you are the trustee of an estate and must hold an estate sale, be sure to book a free consultation with a local contents sales firm to discuss the advantages of working with a professional.
The Professional Edge
There are many obvious advantages to hiring a contents sales firm to handle your estate auction. Here are just a few of them:
  • Convenience. You are busy with your own work, family, and other responsibilities. Taking on the planning, organization, and execution of an estate sale can be extremely time-consuming. Let a reputable firm take over your sale, and you can use your time and energy to concentrate on the important things in your life.
  • Experience. There are hundreds of small details involved with putting on an estate auction. A professional firm has the experience of having run thousands of sales, and they will know exactly which steps to take in order to make your event successful.
  • Wider Audience. Professional contents sales firms have thousands of contacts, including antique dealers and serious buyers with whom they are in frequent communication. These email contacts can provide the bulk of customers for an estate sale. As well, better professional contents sales companies maintain a website that receives a lot of traffic. As well, professional firms know where to place advertisements in conventional media that will ensure that the right people are notified about your sale.
  • Personnel. A professional firm will bring a team of skilled people to your estate sale. An appraiser will ensure that items have fair and accurate pricing, and various team members will help to organize the items on site. In addition, on the day of the sale, better companies will have a team of experienced salespeople on hand to ensure that everything goes well.
  • Systems in place. Contents sales companies have all systems in place to ensure that your sale goes smoothly. For example, better firms have technology to accept credit cards at the sale, which can help to ensure that big-ticket items sell.
  • Results. The experience and connections that a professional contents sales firm can lend to your estate sale will result in much greater revenue than you might get from holding your own yard sale, or by putting individual items onto third-party auction sites. As well, most companies charge a percentage of the revenue rather than a fee – so this ensures that staff members are working very hard to make your sale successful.
Peace of Mind
And, finally, hiring a contents sales company can give you peace of mind. Often, the estate trustee is someone close to the deceased. This makes selling possessions treasured by a loved one emotionally draining and difficult. With the sale in the competent hands of a good contents sales firm you can rest assured that everything will go well, without having to undergo the stress of sorting and selling items yourself.
Contact a company that specializes in contents sales today, and book a free consultation. Ensure that your estate auction is successful.
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